Tyler Shields

USA Photography


Tyler Shields is known for his unique brand of volatile and off-handed photography, representative of his trademark edgy, and often risqué, style. Shields has spent the last few decades making a name for himself as a photographer, writer, and director in Los Angeles, CA. Often working with celebrities, models, and trending young Hollywood stars for his projects, he has become a creative tour de force in the photography and film industries. Daring and suggestive, Shields’ photographs push the envelope to create a thought-provoking experience for each viewer. His work contains its own unique dialogue, with subjects ranging from historical figures to representations of modern materialism. Tyler Shields’ work moves through the complexes and layers of the “celebrity” sphere, into an inherently tangible vision of the portrait in the 21st-century. What does it mean to be alive in the 21st century? How does it look? No stranger to controversy, he is certainly not afraid to shock his viewers in his artistic attempt to convey his answers to such questions. His photographs are iconic, and are making their mark in the history of photography.

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